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Tahoe Challenge
MEDical Wilderness Adventure Race

South Lake Tahoe, CA - September 21, 2019

Required Equipment

You will need to show all required gear at check-in and carry ALL equipment below during the entire race (except kayak and the bike itself). Time penalties or disqualifications will be assessed for littering or loss of equipment.

This is an unsupported race — meaning teams are not allowed to have support crews assist them. Teams will be directed to leave their bikes pre-race at a specified location (instructions will be handed out during the pre-race meeting). Cycling helmets may be left with bikes if securely attached; however all other cycling gear must be carried by the team throughout the race.

You will get wet. You will get dirty. All your gear and clothing could get wet and muddy. Someone always flips their kayak. It might be you this year. We are not responsible for ruined books, electronics, or other gear. Please waterproof a change of dry clothes for your own safety and comfort.

Rain, Snow or Shine: It might be rainy and muddy. It might be blazing, skin-burning sunshine. It might be bone-chilling cold. It could even snow. Unless conditions are unsafe, the race will go on as planned. Please plan accordingly.

Required Team Equipment

  • Bicycle with helmet (available for rent)
  • Kayak, paddle, PFD (included in race fee)
  • Orienteering Compass
  • Spare tube per bike
  • Bike pump or CO2 cartridge
  • Cell phone (turned off)
  • Matches/Lighter
  • Water Detoxification Method*
        * You will be responsible for your own hydration for the duration of the race. Natural sources of water (e.g lakes, streams) will be on the race course, but you provide your own water detoxification method.
  • Waterproofing Method for Map and Passbook
  • Wilderness Medical and Survival Kit**
       ** You choose the contents of this kit. This is part of the preparation and team strategy challenge of the race. To use an item in a medical scenario, you will need to show that you have the item and in some cases use it. Exception: To simulate a medication in your kit, you may label an empty syringe or pill bottle with the name of the med in marker. These must be pre-labeled before the race begins.
Required Individual Equipment - EACH team member MUST carry the following gear at all times during the race:
  • A working light source (with extra batteries)
  • An outer water-resistant shell/jacket
  • Whistle
  • 2 L of water capacity per person
  • Waterproofed change of clothing
Gear Rentals
Kayak rentals are included in the race fee.
Bikes available to rent. Please stay tuned for information.

Optional Equipment
Preparation for this race is an important part of the race itself. Familiarize yourself with the curriculum and be prepared to manage each of those types of wilderness emergencies. You may carry reference materials (books, printed material, etc.), but be sure that they are waterproofed. You will not be required to administer actual medications (such as epinephrine for an anaphylactic patient), but you should carry a syringe or vial labeled as such. If you choose to give a medication you should know the dosage and route you are using. Any bandages, needles, suture, etc. should be carried. You will not be allowed to simply say “I would suture this wound”, you must be able to actually do it (or close the wound another way).

Forbidden Equipment
PDAs, cell phones, ipods, radios, and other forms of communication are prohibited. "Phone a friend" is not an option as an answer.

However, you may carry a cell phone turned off knowing that it may get wet or dirty. MedWAR holds no responsibility for electronics that get ruined in the race.

No unauthorized means of transportation allowed.

Medical gear
A sample of gear from the Mesa, AZ MedWAR 'gearing up' night.