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Take the Repetitive-Stress Injuries Test

Repetitive-stress injuries (RSIs) can be painful and debilitating, causing damage to tendons, ligaments, nerves, and muscles over time. Also called repetitive motion syndromes, RSIs can affect almost any part of the body. Test your knowledge of RSIs by taking this multiple-choice quiz.

1. Which of these activities can result in a repetitive-stress injury?
2. What are the warning signs of RSI?
3. Why is RSI difficult to diagnose and treat?
4. Which of these unhealthful habits may make RSI worse?
5. The National Standards Institute says that ergonomically correct workstations should include which of these?
6. Which of these therapies have proved beneficial in treating RSI?
7. Which of these can be the most important factor in preventing RSI in people who work at computer workstations?
8. For people who work with computers, which of these reduces the risk of RSI?
9. How does exercise help relieve RSI?
10. Which of these doctors are trained specifically to recognize and treat RSI?