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How Much Do You Know About Drug Interactions?

Every year, thousands of people experience interactions between prescribed drugs and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, or between drugs and herbal products. Other unexpected interactions can occur between drugs and certain foods or health conditions. Learn what you can do to prevent these interactions by taking this quiz, based on information from the American Pharmacists Association's publication "Pocket Guide to Evaluations of Drug Interactions" and the FDA.

1. A variety of substances can alter a drug's effects.
2. A drug-drug interaction occurs when two drugs together produce a beneficial side effect.
3. A drug-food interaction occurs when a medication interacts with a substance in a food or beverage.
4. A drug-alcohol interaction can lead to extreme drowsiness and other effects.
5. A drug-condition interaction occurs when a medication is harmful to someone with certain medical conditions.
6. OTC and prescription medications don't interact with herbal remedies and supplements.
7. Using the same pharmacy for all your prescriptions can help reduce drug interactions.
8. You don't need to read the labels of OTC medications if you have taken them before.
9. Talk to your pharmacist or health care provider before taking any new OTC medication.
10. If you experience a drug interaction, call your health care provider.