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Barton Health established a Graduate Medical Education (GME) Department in 2015 to promote the quality of graduate medical education for advanced practice professional students, medical students, residents and fellows.

The GME Department ensures a high-quality learning and work environment, the educational experience leads to measurable educational outcomes in all specialties and disciplines.

Each NP or PA student, medical student, resident and fellow is managed by the GME Coordinator to ensure all Barton Health requirements are met including: an affiliation agreement with their approved program, background check, letter of good standing, current Certificate of Liability, HIPPA agreement, access to our EMR system, immunization records and acknowledgement of relevant medical staff policies. Fellows are credentialed and privileged through the Medical Staff Office.

Preceptors must be members in good standing on Barton Memorial Hospital's Medical Staff, and are willing to follow the guidelines provided by the student’s school. All requested rotations are approved by the GME Department, in coordination with the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC).


Requirements prior to an elective rotation:

  • Current Affiliation Agreement between Barton Health and facility
  • Program coordinators name, phone number and email

School will provide:

  • Letter of Good Standing of student
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance for the dates the student is at Barton
  • Background check
  • Photo of student

Student will provide:

  • Completed application
  • All immunizations including TB and Flu Vaccine (if applicable)
  • Signed policies (provided to student)
  • CV
  • Current BLS or ACLS card

GME Staff

Clay Josephy, MD
Director of GME

Bonnie Turner
GME Coordinator

Site Preceptors

Robert Rupp, MD - Orthopedics
Michael McLaughlin, MD - Emergency Medicine
Kim Evans, MD - General Surgery
Jennifer Ehmann, MD - Outpatient Pediatrics
David Finnigan, MD - Inpatient Pediatrics

Goals and Objectives for departments with student rotations: